How Central Air Conditioning Can Aggravate Health Issues

Many people spend lots of cash in buying expensive and state of the art air conditioning systems for home and office use and they fail to realize that in as much as the units have a positive side, they also have a negative side. The
units are very effective when it comes to the maintenance of clean and cool internal air but and this is the main reason why they are installed. On the other hand, the systems can be the cause of health issues and participate in aggravating already existing issues. Many people cannot begin to fathom how this can be true so this article will go to the pain of giving the information free of charge. The information on this article has been gleaned from a leading Ac Repair westonfl firm.

central air conditioning can aggravate health issues

The systems encourage the growth of moulds

The air conditioning units serve to cool the air as mentioned above and this means that the machines maintain a lower temperature than that of the environment. This means that coils in the machines encourage some moisture that is in the air to condense and once this happens, the growth of mould is encouraged. As the mould grows, it is spread within the house the moment the air conditioner unit is powered. In the event that there are people who live in the home and have respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma get more attacks. The good news is that avoiding this is not very hard and all that needs to be done is to hire an Ac Repair westonfl expert to clean the units and get rid of all the mould. This way, the air conditioning unit will not aggravate any existing health issues.

The units spread indoor contaminants

Another way in which the air conditioning units aggravate health issues is through the spreading of indoor air contaminants. Many people think that the outdoors are more polluted than the indoors but the truth of the matter is that the outdoors are safer in that air has a large area to move hence the pollutants are wide spread. The condition is opposite as the home or office is much smaller and most people will keep the doors and windows slightly open. The moment the air conditioning unit is powered, it circulates the air within the home. In the event that the internal air has pollutants and contaminants and these substances are spread from room to the next. This way, the contaminants do not find an exit route out of the house and as more and more activities are done in the home, the level of contaminants increase and this leads to health issues. To avoid this problem, one should learn to keep the doors and windows a few minutes once the air conditioning units are powered on to expel any contaminated air.

The units are responsible for the spread of disease

Research has also shown that air conditioning units are responsible for the spread of disease. In the event that there is a person in the room who has an airborne disease, the moment they sneeze they expel the disease causing agent into the air and the air conditioning units picks up the agent and spread it all over the house in the circulating air. This way, other people in the home, especially those with weak immune systems, contract the same disease. This is another danger of the air conditioning units.